A word about us ... and our mission

My name is Guy Haskins, and I am the owner of Contact Front. I am a veteran and instructor for federal organizations. I have been instructing, coaching, advising, and teaching for twenty years.
My vision was to leverage my background in this industry to assemble a qualified team of experts from my own network to provide world-class services to the average person.

Contact Front believes every person has the right to life. We provide an essential foundational platform for people to build confidence in their ability to survive a violent or casual encounter. Contact Front helps people achieve this by maximizing a person’s assets (critical thinking, physical ability, and personal weapons systems).

Contact Front will teach you how to secure your right to life, avoid conflict, inflict maximum violence, if necessary, have situational awareness, and understand the concepts of time, space, and distance. Contact Front aims to give you the tools to survive in potentially adverse and extreme situations.  

PHONE: 540-543-0265
EMAIL: guy.haskins@contactfront.org